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Innovative Businesses Deserve Innovative Software To Power Their Growth

When packaged software just doesn't cut it, we step in to help. AppCove has helped innovative businesses thrive since 2003 by developing and maintaining custom software which solves their unique operational challenges.

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Solving Your Data Problems

We specialize in learning about your business model and designing single and effective solutions to the data problems you are experiencing. We see it as our mission to solve problems for unique businesses. Our goal is always to make it incredibly easy for customers and staff to access everything they need in one place, customized precisely for your specific business and business model.

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Integration Issues?

Do your customers have an incredibly easy way to access the products and services you are selling them? Are you dealing with multiple usernames and passwords for your staff and customers? Are you unable to achieve the level of success you know is possible because of messy technical integrations?

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Providing Support; Giving Assistance

We have stood behind all of our work for decades. This includes direct hands on customer support directly from our staff to your staff. Our engineers are proactively involved in resolving support cases quickly and efficiently. Our support team is watching emails and phone calls every day. And we have emergency on-call staff for off-hours emergencies. But most importantly, we have real people based 100% in the United States who will work with your people to solve the issues, regardless of the specifics. And we're proud of that.

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Effective, Productive, Secure

Our mission is to bring effective solutions to you. Not just "good ideas", but actual, measurable solutions that increase your productivity, customer reach, and bottom line. Getting started is easy. Just give us a call or an email. The sky may be the limit on what can be accomplished, but let's not wait until we have a rocket ship to take the first step.

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What We Do For You

We have expertise outside of these areas, which comes in handy from time to time, but we are most effective when we work in the following areas:

Content Delivery And Custom Tools For Customers

Nearly all of our projects have a seamless customer/member/staff portal that provides a secure staging area for all of the content and functionality you need to provide them.

This can be as simple as managing their name and address (with an integration into your CRM system) up to hugely in-depth content delivery systems for dozens of products, thousands of customers, and tens of thousands of documents, videos, trainings, and resources.

Custom Web Applications

When you have a truly unique need for your business that just isn't solvable through packaged software or SaaS vendors, we step in to help. We have successfully deployed applications tackling a wide range of operational issues such as scheduling, permissions, security, content delivery, content management, unique sales funnels, lead capture, multimedia transcoding, communication tools, and more. This depth of hands-on experience has given us a suite of reusable tools and techniques that we would love to use to help you.

Integrated Mobile Applications

Mobile devices provide an amazing opportunity to put data and functionality right in the hands of your members / staff / customers. Using advanced features such as Push Notifications allow you to put information in the hands of your users instantly without waiting for them to check (or not check!) their email account.

These mobile applications are designed to work in conjunction with the web applications and be 100% in sync at all times.

Managed Hosting And Hosting Management

Support is as much a part of our product as the software itself. For customers who want to be hands off, we provide a managed hosting service for our applications that takes care of all aspects of running the application for a reasonable monthly fee.

Other customers elect to host their applications on their own environment that we setup, configure, and manage on their behalf.

We never support vendor lock-in and always (contractually and practically) give you the freedom to change directions or move to another provider.

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