AppCove, Inc.

Founded in 2003

AppCove's President is Jason Garber

Main office located in Altoona, PA

Serves clients across the continential USA

We can be reached at (814) 941-2390. If we don't answer right away, we will call you right back.

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"For over 10 years, AppCove has excelled at providing answers to real business objectives by creating thoughtful and meaningful software which runs on the Internet."

Software is more than just instructions for computers... it's a way to get things done, to solve real problems, and to accomplish great things that would otherwise not be possible.

AppCove has worked closely with a number of companies over the years, almost universally forming long term relationships, solving one challenge after another.

In fact, nearly every major client that AppCove has done business with since incorporating in 2003, is still an active client of Project.

"Our objective is to work with clients and provide real answers to hard problems. If we don't know, we'll learn, and if we lack talent, we will find people who have it. In other words, with this team, it will just get done."


AppCove has three primary areas of focus:

1. Integral Applications

for Small and Medium Organizations

2. Joint Ventures

where AppCove Contributes Application Development Services

3. Engineering and Technology

Open Source, Engineering Advancement, Research & Development

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